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Since each dummy is completely unique and our fashion & decor inventory is ever changing, the items below are examples of the merchandise we carry but those exact items may not necessarily be available.

  • Dummies & Dally Master
  • Righteous Ropes
  • Hats
  • Belts
  • Decor
  • Tack and More...

Each one of our durable Fast Lane dummies is an individual because each dummy lets you customize it with your choice of horn size, paint jobs, hair-on hide covers (additional $75 or $85 depending on color), or vinyl covers (additional $49).

We now have an extension and lift kit for the Big Foot body style Fast Lane Dummy to make your dummy real-rope-ready, making it the only dummy you'll need to practice heading and heeling, available for an additional $65!

Primo Horns Big Horns
Big Horned Fast Lane Dummy Little Horned Fast Lane
Medium HornsFast Lane Roping Dummy - Medium Horns Small Horns
Little Horned Fast Lane

Each poly pipe roping dummy features real steer horns and a fiberglass covered head. There are several options available to you:

We have two body styles, the Big Foot and the Original. The Big Foot body style uses 1 1/2" pipe instead of 1 1/4" pipe, is 4" longer, and weighs 10lbs more, making it more suitable for use with full-size ropes.
Primo Fast Lane Roping Dummy The Big Foot Primo $379
~ Big, Corriente Horns
~ Big Foot Body
~ Bell
Big Horn, Big Foot Base Fast Lane Roping Dummy

The Big Foot
Med-Large Flatter Horns $359
Primo Horns with nice curl $379
Perfecto Corriente Horns $399

Small/Medium Horns Fast Lane Roping Dummy

The Original Fast Lane
Sm/Med Horns $309
Large Horns (20" or wider) $319
Primo Horns with nice curl $329

Any combination of horns, runners, hide covers, and paint jobs are available, prices will vary for custom orders. Each dummy also comes with a free horn wrap.


The Dally Master is a great accessory to the Fast Lane Roping Dummy, only $89 and the beltis included!
- Perfect For Learning to Dally Safely
- Great for Matching
- Make Your Dummy Roping More Realistic!
- Only Available in Brown and Black
Dally Master

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Click for Another Video of The Fast Lane Roping Dummy in Action


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They'll take a lickin' and keep on tickin'! The dummy below is 12 years old and still livin life in the fast lane!
Fast Lane Dummy

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Righteous Ropes - 4 Heaven's Sake, Keep Reachin

30ft Head Ropes in XS & S
35ft Heel Ropes in MS, M, & HM
The Believer Peach Preacher
Pink Prophet High Call
18ft Chicken Ropes
Chicken Ropes

Professional 30ft 4-Strand Dummy Ropes
4-Strand Dummy Ropes
Professional 25ft 3-Strand Dummy Ropes
3-Strand Dummy Ropes
Boys and Girls Goat Strings
2 Ply or 3 Ply in H,M, or S
Boys and Girls Goat Strings
We also carry black rosin and beeswax

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Fast Lane Rodeo is your choice for rockin straw and palm leaf hats!


More Hats

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Fast Lane Rodeo - New Belts
Fast Lane Rodeo - New Belts

BeltsFast Lane Rodeo has a wide variety on mens', women's, and children's belts, including:

Bling Belts

Hair-on Hide Belts

Concho Belts

& Tooled Belts

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Fast Lane Rodeo - Longhorns and Horn Western Cutouts
Lonsome Dove Sign

Fast Lane has an assortment of unique home decor that includes:

  • Movie Cutouts

  • Western Signs

  • Mirrors

  • Longhorns & Horn Coat Racks

  • Hair-on Hide Runners

  • Leather & Hair-on Hide Pillows

  • Milkcan Barstools

  • & Much More

Check out our new framed canvases, movie, and rodeo posters!

Fast Lane Rodeo 101 Canvas Fast Lane Rodeo Searchers Canvas Fast Lane Rodeo Buffalo Bill Canvas
Fast Lane Rodeo - Movie Poster Fast Lane Rodeo - Rodeo Poster Fast Lane Rodeo Wild West Show Canvas
Fast Lane Rodeo - Rodeo Poster Fast Lane Rodeo - Movie Poster Fast Lane Rodeo - BarstoolFast Lane Rodeo - Barstool
Available with either Team Roper or Running Horse cutouts

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Accessories, Tack, and More...

Along with our assortment of sunglasses, bags, jackets, jewelry, hats, and other accessories, we have some new hand-painted products, including knife sheaths, wallets, suitcases, makeup kits, and some fancy tack to outfit you and your horse.

Fast Lane Rodeo - Suitcase

Jewelry and more

Fast Lane Rodeo - Knife Sheaths Fast Lane Rodeo - Wallet
Fast Lane Rodeo - Bridle Fast Lane Rodeo - Bridle Fast Lane Rodeo - Bridle Fast Lane Rodeo - Spur Straps Fast Lane Rodeo - Makeup Kit

Fast Lane Rodeo Denim Jacket

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